Aegis is a sublocation of Ralsay, created by StarlinSkyrim 15:20, March 21, 2012 (UTC)StarlinSkyrim


Aegis is just above Leanderfall, but since mountains seperate the two countries thier climates are very different.


Aegis is cold and inhospitable to those who are not thick skinned. Its mountians are snowy and its valleys create a natural funnel for all the rain and snow that falls on the northern Ares Mountains and on Mount Froela. It people, simply called the Aegis by thier neighbors, are used to the harsh conditions and wear thick skins and sleep in cabins.


The people of Aegis, although good warriors, have a rich culture. They have a special type of architecture that helps them funnel heat into thier buildings. They also have skilled bards, who play throughout the large land. They have a specific type of art that uses only the colors red, brown, blue, and yellow, or a mix of combinations.


The capital of Aegis is Anvard, a large stone city. Any time of the year it is full of traders from Ri'ksaad, traveling bards, and dancers. Despite the cold weather, the people of Aegis are a lively people.