Alex Harty is a fictional character created by WhiteLily21.


Alex Harty was born in 1953 to Fred and Sandi Harty. When he was 12 years old he was bitten by a very deadly snake and just barely survived. After that experience he was fascinated and slighty afraid of snakes. When he was 14 he stole money from his neighbor's house and didn't tell anyone. After that, he felt greedy and started commiting more small crimes like stealing from an aunt or newspapers. Then he couldn't go back to a regular life. He felt the need to steal and take. In 1979, he hired a man to help in his crimes and together they worked to steal from the local bank. Slowly, Alex built the Black Fang gang that operated in New York.

Work and DeathEdit

Alex worked with his gang and stole many things. Eventually he made a deal with Mr X, the leader of the Bloody Silence assasians, and together they planned to steal from the Louvre museum. Before Alex could go, however, a Bloody Silence operative killed him and hid his body in the river.