The Black Fang is
Black fang

The Black Fang emblem

a fictional gang created by WhiteLily21.


The Black Fang was founded by a young man named Alex Harty in 1974. He chose the name and emblem because when he was young he was bit by a very deadly snake and just barely survived.


Frank HancsEdit

The Black Fang steals mainly but occasionally kills. They have stolen from the the most rich man in town Frank Hancs. They got in there and into his safe, they grabbed $3500 but as they were spotted only got out with $2740.

Louvre MuseumEdit

The Black Fang also robbed many museums including the famous, Louvre in Paris. They were involved with the Bloody Silence assassins but in the end were caught by the Kayla Small a CIA agent.

End of the Black FangEdit

After the they were caught by the CIA, the Black Fang was found out and destroyed.