Administrators are users with special privileges that include banning vandals and trolls, locking pages, and reverting edits. Admins are trusted users of the wiki that act as mentors to the other users.

Criteria for an AdminEdit

To become an administrator, you must have:

  • Made at least 500 edits on the wiki.
  • Have at least 750 achievement points
  • An admin must show a pattern of being polite to the other users
  • An admin must have a moderately good grasp of templates and tools
  • An admin must have a user profile and have been contributing for at least two months

Exceptions can be made, but these are the guidelines

Admin RequestsEdit

Potential administrators must be nominated by another admin or at least four registered users. Potential admins cannot nominate themselves, although they can request a nomination on StarlinSkyrim's talk page.


Make your nominations here: