Ethereals are a race in Novia.

Creation and DeathEdit

Ethereals are created by the Magic Crystals that cover the floor of Crystalise Island. Ethereals, also called Wind Nymphs, grow for a year as a wild wind before becoming their normal shape. Ethereals live for thousands of years, fading each year, until they dissapate into the air as wind.


The Ethereals are ruled by a queen, usually an ancient nymph who has lived for many years. The Queen usually stays out of business on the mainland, unless her Ethereals are threatened, when they become a deadly oppenent.


Ethereals are very powerful. They drift to where they are going, so are not very fast, but they have a lot of power. They use mainly magic stored in their Magic Crystals. They also have the invisibility power when in the air, and can manipulate dreams.


They have no established cities, but live all over Crystalise Island, which is small. They live in the air and on the ground.