Fire Spirits inhabit the Blackwood Mountians in Novia.

A fire spirit's birth


Fire Spirits are born when lightening strikes a ruby. Although the birth of a fire spirit is rare, spirits can live up to a thousand years.


The Fire Spirits follow a Sae. Any fire spirit is able to become the Sae, but they must go through dangerous territory to claim the fire crown, which teleports to a dragon's lair after the old Sae dies. The fire spirits obey the Sae unconditionally.


Fire Spirits are fearless and quick. They can move the fastest out of all the spirits. Fire Spirits can transform into a live flame whenever they fear it is too dangerous for their body form. They use burning swords and fireballs in combat, and are a force to be reckoned with. Fire Spirits are easily upset, and can march into battle within a week.


The Fire Spirits have built cities inside the Blackwood Mountains. Their capital city is inside Hellish Peak. This is were the Sae resides, and were the Fire Spirits practice their incantations and test the limits of their skills.