K'sso's family's house

K'sso is a character created by StarlinSkyrim. He lives in Ri'ksaad, in Ralsay.


K'sso was raised from a young age as a hunter. His family was in the Plo'pa tribe. He lived in the capital of Ri'ksaad, V'saar. K'sso and his parents were poor, and eventually they moved from V'saar to find better hunting away from the populated city. K'sso became a great hunter, until he could hit a bird from thirty feet away with his blowpipe. K'sso's parents died in a wild fire, and K'sso went out into the world to seek his fortune.


When K'sso was twenty years old, reports started coming in from the western tribes that an evil creature was killing off the villages. The king of Ri'ksaad dismissed them at first, but the creature kept moving, leaving terror and destruction in it's wake. Survivors said that it was fast, very fast, and blended in with the jungle, leaving it almost invisible. As the thing moved closer and closer the V'saar, the king sent out a bounty for the animal, twenty thousand riuks. K'sso decided to try his luck at defeating the monster.

K'sso set out into Ri'ksaad, following the desolation the monster had created. Eventually, he came to a small grove with a bubbling brook. Exhausted and thirsty, K'sso knelt down to drink. As he did, the creature grabbed him from behind with long fingers. It was a large, bony thing with big wings. K'sso spun and pulled out his blowpipe. The monster dropped him and started to fly away, almost faster than K'sso could see, but he blew his pipe, and his aim was true. The monster fell, dead.

Reward and Later LifeEdit

K'sso returned with it's body and claimed his riuks. The grateful king elevated him to chief of the Plo'pa tribe. After the old king died, K'sso, who had married his daughter, became king of Ri'ksaad. He was a just and fair king, but was always revered as the best shot in all of Ralsay.