Kayla Small


Black hair, green eyes, short

Moral Leaning



CIA agent

Kayla Small is a fictional character created by WhiteLily21 18:58, March 24, 2012 (UTC)WhiteLily21
Black fang

The Black Fang emblem


Kayla Small was born on May 21st, 1981. When she was 13 years old, her father was killed by the Black Fang, a Chinese gang. She then wanted to become a crime fighter and defeat the Black Fang. When she was 22 she was accepted into the CIA with high marks.

Work in the CIAEdit

Black FangEdit

Kayla trained for years and finally became an agent for the CIA. The Black Fang had been terrorizing government agents, kidnapping and killing some of them. Kayla was sent on a mission to intercept a group of the gang trying to assassinate the president. They successfully carried out the mission and imprisoned several Black Fang members. But Kayla learned a secret. The Black Fang was helping the Bloody Silence assassins, who were going to steal the contents of the Louvre museum. Kayla went out to stop them, disguising herself as a Black Fang member.

Bloody SilenceEdit

Kayla got to the museum and saw the assassins stealing things. She went to get them, but a girl named Shae Li attacked from the shadows. They fought, but Kayla had been trained in martial arts and managed to throw Shae out of a window. Kayla killed the remaining assasians and recovered the artifacts single handedly.

Later YearsEdit

Kayla continued her work with the CIA. One night, Shae Li attacked her, even though Kayla believed her to be dead. Kayla captured Shae, but before she could call for help, Shae took poison and died.

Kayla retired in 2037.