Leanderfall is a country that is part of the Ralsay Cache but was created by WhiteLily21 19:33, March 21, 2012


Leanderfall is situated pretty much in the center of Ralsay. Above it is Aegis and below is Ri'ksaad.


Leanderfall is a semi-tropical mountinous place, full of rivers. It seldoms snows there, and there are a few thick forests, especially towards Ri'ksaad.


The people of Leanderfall are shy, harmless people. They make thier cities on the high mountains, especially towards the Ares Mountain Range. Some live by the streams, were the are farmers and raise livestock to sell. They maintain a good relationship and serve as a buffer between the two fiercer nations, Aegis and Ri'ksaad. They seldom leave thier mountain homes.


Leanderfall used to be the name of the entire continent, but the surrounding counties evertually took the land away from Leanderfall. The people did nothing to stop them, but instead retreated into their mountains and built thier cities, especially Silma, the capital of Leanderfall which was carved out of the largest of the Ares Mountains.