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Mark Bennet

Mark Bennet


January 4th, 2018


Black hair, blue eyes, short


Astronaut, specializing in Alien research

Moral Leaning:





Mark Bennet was born on January 4th, 2050. He grew up, always fascinated with the stars. Once he heard of the SILOP project, he immediatley enrolled in a astronaut in the NASA program.

Meaningful DiscoveriesEdit

  • Discoverd a new astroid field along with his partner, Julian Brown. They named it the Bennet Belt, because Brown Belt sounded stupid.
  • Discovered a new planet, once again with Brown, called Tova. They saved the hapless prisoners stuck there by turning off a gravity field set up by alien creatures. Bennet was captured on the way out, and was killed by one of the creatures while saving Julian Brown and the people.

Post-Death RecognitionEdit

NASA honored him post-humously with the discovery of another planet, and named it Tova because Bennet had told Brown that he would have named the planet Tova. He left behind a mother and brother. This is the inscription on his grave-stone:

Mark Wilson Bennet (January 4th, 2050-April '30th, 2079)

"Fearlessly and heroicly saved the prisoners of Tova, and in doing so died a heroes death. Bennet will be remembered as a hero of the greatest frontier: Space."