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Mount Froela


Snowy and wintery all year round


No people live on the mountain





Mount Froela

Mount Froela is situated between Aegis and Leanderfall. It's peak reached up to 10,000 feet. Next to the mountain itself is a pass used by the people to go between Aegis and Leanderfall.

Climate and FloraEdit

The mountain is snowy all year round and is very cold. Frequent blizzards mean that only Brown-Foot Goats can live on the mountain. It is full of pine trees, and yellow berries grow on the lower slope. Some very brave farmers of the berries build thier farms on the bottom slopes, but they only venture up the first twenty feet to gather the berries


Legend has it that deep in the heart of the Mountain, an ice dragon slumbers, waiting for its prey to come too close. As such, the people of the surrounding countries never venture too close for fear of being eaten.