Novia is a fictional Fanstasy world.


Novia has several nations within it. It is a constantly conflicted land. It is a magical place, and no humans have occupied it since the Second Age. Now it has Fire Spirits, Water Spirits, Ethereals, and Sprites, as well as other, non humanoid creatures living in it. These beings were all created by magic, and it was the scent of magic that drove the humans to other places and killed off those foolish enough to stay behind.

History and ConflictEdit

Novia used to governed by the humans, who were called the Helmsmen. They nurtured the Spirits and other magic beings, letting Novia dwell in peace and harmony. But soon the magic became too much for the humans, and they had to leave. They hoped that the magic beings would be able to get along once the Helmsmen had left. But they were wrong. The Spirits turned on each other and began a bitter war that could not be won. There were small victories on every side, but until the Third Age they fought. Then, a big conference was called between all the nations. Sae Serea of the Fire Spirits, King Jolda of the Sprites, Iola of the Ethereals, and the Council of the Water Spirits met and decided on a peace treaty.


Novia is surrounded by the Endless Sea, which the Helmsmen crossed in the Second Age. The Fire Spirits live in the Blackwood Mountains, the Sprites live in the Wooded Glades, the Ethereals live in Crystalise Island, and the Water Spirits live in the Endless Sea.