The Ares Mountains

Ralsay is a fictional world made up by StarlinSkyrim 22:24, March 20, 2012 (UTC)StarlinSkyrim



Aegis is a snowy, icy region to the north of Ralsay. The people who live there have an unique architecture. The majority of the people there are thick skinned warriors, and during the Aegis War were influencial in beating the barbarians away from Ralsay.


Leanderfall is a forest/plain locations to the south of Mount Froela. It is semi-tropical, and its people are shy, sneaky people who hide away in trees and in the ground. The people of Leanderfall live also in the northern most Ares Mountains.


Ri'ksaad is a rich jungle


to the south of Leanderfall. The forest is full of quick people who live in treehouses and are mainly hunters. They area fierce people and often war among themselves.

The Thetis IslesEdit

Many people live on the Thetis Isles, which spread around the south-east edge of Ralsay. They are lush and welcoming, although they are full of deadly sandpits that can swallow a person whole.


Ralsay has been home to several different people. It's inhabitants started out as hunter-gatherers, but they eventually spread out to the surrounding areas and setttled down in the land. Slowly, they became almost seperate people, until they officially broke apart into thier seperate nations. After this, major wars were fought over land, as in the Aegis War, were people from the south, who had no leader or nation, tried to attack the Aegis people and take thier land. The people of the Thetis Isles and the people of Aegis formed an alliance to fight the barbarians and succesfully beat them off.[[The Aegis War|

Map of Ralsay



  • Farmers
  • Hunters
  • Only Aegis and the Thetis Isles have a real culture, so they are the only ones with literature, poetry, music, and architecture creators.
  • Traders
  • Soldiers

Important CitiesEdit

Ralsay's important cities are V'saar, the capital of Ri'ksaad, Eilonwae, capital of the Thetis Isles, Anvard, capital of Aegis, and Silma, capital of Leanderfall.

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