Ri'ksaad is a sublocation of Ralsay, created by StarlinSkyrim 15:32, March 21, 2012 (UTC)StarlinSkyrim


Ri'ksaad is a rich rainforest to the south of Leanderfall.


Ri'ksaad gets much rain throughout the year, which makes its fierce people flourish. They live in huts in the trees to stay off the ground, were strange animals with yellow eyes lurk. The forest is lush but very dangerous. Men have been known to lose their sanity or their lives when they venture off by themselves into the underbrush.


The people of Ri'ksaad are fierce and unpredictable. They are mainly hunters, working as seperate tribes to catch food, like the catlike Leoped. They have different groups, that they call tribes, within their small country. First is the Gr'ang tribe,the biggest and most warlike. There is also the Plo'pa tribe, the Rik'na tribe, and the Vekas Tribe.

The tribes only somtimes venture out of their jungle, and only to trade with the surrounding nations. Some Ri'ksaad traders go all the way north to Aegis. This is actually against the Ri'ksaad law, because the traders coming back from the north sometimes bring with them strange diseases, such as the Surge Flu Epidemic that killed half of Ri'ksaad.


The capital of Ri'ksaad is V'saar, a large collection of tree huts that stretches out for a few miles.