The Big Rules:Edit

  1. Always be polite and civil to other wiki-ers. Obscene users will be banned forever.
  2. Understand that all characters are public property under the CC-BY-SA liscense
  3. Do NOT use prohibited content anywhere on this (i.e. inappropriate images/subjects, slurs, profanity, etc.)

Users who do not keep to these rules will be banned. Forever.



  1. Use Wikitext for coding
  2. Keep to the point of your article, always keep it about the character
  3. Write in third person, not second or first, except in diary enteries, etc.


  1. Write in English, with American spelling (ie. color, instead of colour, and favorite instead of favourite)
    • Note: Source mode has spell-check, but visual doesn't, so if you struggle with spelling, switch to source mode.
  2. Capitalize sentence beginnings
  3. Use correct punctuation


  1. See Example Page


  1. Only use non-copyrighted images
  2. Preferably use drawings or cartoons as opposed to real faces.
  3. Preferably use images only once in a cache.