The Sae is the honorary title of the King or Queen of the Fire Spirits in Novia.

Becoming SaeEdit

When the old Sae dies, any Fire Spirit can try for the crown. All those who wish to try to become Sae assemble on Hellish Peak. A scholar Fire Spirit will send each of them to try to reach the Sae Crown, which is hidden deep within a dragon's lair. The very first Sae, Vosa, cast a powerful spell that will cause the Crown to teleport to this lair when the old Sae dies. The potentials Saes have to descend into the pits below Hellish Peak to find the lair. Once they find it, they must use their magic to fend off the immortal Dragon, Va'skaroro, who guards the crown. If they can manage that, and few can, they must descend ever further into the depths of the catacombs and wander a lava rock maze, often for days, until they find the crown. If they do, they can return to Hellish Peak victorious.

Famous SaesEdit