Wood nymph

A Wood nymph

Sprites are a race in Novia

Creation and Early LifeEdit

Sprites are born in the saplings of new juniper bushes. They live as fairies for a while as they grow bigger, then they shed their wings and become Sprites. These grown Sprites are short, clever, and beautiful.


The Sprites are ruled by a King and Queen. These rulers do not have full power, however, as the Sprites are too wild to be completely governed. The King and Queen protect the Sprites, but mostly they are left to their own devices.


Sprites can summon woodland creatures for a short while to do their bidding. Sprites can also make their enemies confused for a little while they escape or do mischeif. They are camoflauged in the trees. The Sprites especially hate the Water Spirits, and they are sworn enemies.


Sprites live in Woodan, a tree top city that spans several acres of forest land.