The Aegis War was fought in Ralsay.


The whole of Ralsay used to be one country with different states, called nomes. However, once the old king of Ralsay died, several of his sons fought bitterly to become king. Each of the sons sided with a nome. The nomes were Aegis, Leanderfall, Thetis, and Ri'ksaad. The first part of the war was fought in this way. Slowly, however, the fighting was not about who would be king of Ralsay but which nome would have what land. The people in Aegis saw this and decided to capatalize on it. They swung in from the north and took over the old capital of Ralsay, Anvard. The other nomes became bitterly angry at this and started to attack Aegis. Aegis retreated into the northern mountains and held off her attackers.

Finally, the nomes decided who would have what land and signed peace treaties with one another. The war had lasted 15 years. Each kingdom elected its own king and settled down. Thetis had the least land. In a final battle, the Thetians tried to take Ri'ksaad's easternmost land, which resulted in the Thetians losing their land and having to flee to the southern Thetis Isles.



Aegis fought with battle axes, using their crushing force to defeat their enemies


The people of Leanderfall used mainly bows and arrows, and fought a guerilla style war.


The Ri'ksaadians were even more reclusive than the Leanderfall people. They would slink around the land, poisoning people with their blowpipes or setting giant cats on them


The Thetians fought with a sword and shield. They were not used to warfare and suffered for it.