The Thetis Isles are a sub location in Ralsay. The Isles are located off the sothernmost coast of Ralsay.


When Leanderfall
Thetis flag

The national flag of Thetis

, Aegis, Ri'ksaad and the Thetians all split apart into seperate countries, the smallest of the new countries as Thetis, right next to Ri'ksaad. The Thetians tried to take land from Ri'ksaad, and the results were disastrous. The Ri'ksaadians chased the Thetians from their homeland, far to the south. The only way the Ri'ksaadians would accept peace was if the Thetians would give them their land, Thetis. The Thetians had to accept. But although the Thetians were defeated, they were not going to give up. They turned to the sea and built ships. On an exploritory mission, the found a group of uninhabited islands and claimed them as their new homeland.


The culture of the Thetis Isles is rich. Artists, poets, scholars, musicians, philosophers and others can be found throughout the Isles. Their capital city, Eilonwae, is built partly underwater, and can only be reached by special tunnels bored through the cliffs and rocks of the Isles.

Famous PeopleEdit

  • Hared the Monk