Tova is a fictional planet created by StarlinSkyrim 01:48, February 4, 2012 (UTC)StarlinSkryim





A small blue planet deep in space






Tova is a small planet deep in the reaches of space. Space explorers Mark Bennet and Julius Brown discovered it in 2079 as part of the SILOP project. They guessed it was just an gaseous or uninhabitable planet, until a sudden malfunction forced them to try to land their space ship on it.


Tova is a planet dominated by sulfuric pools, giving it a strange color. It has jungles on the south hemisphere, with new species of plants in it. It is inhabited by a group of people who crash-landed there a few years before Bennet and Brown, in the same way. They have built a home in the underground cave systems, hoping for rescue from thier prison.


Tova used to be inhabited by strange creatures that left a long time ago. However, they left behind a device that sucks ships into Tova's atmosphere. Bennet and Brown escaped with the people a few years later, though, by switching the device to an opposite pole and thus catapulting themselves into space, where a space cruiser was waiting. However, as soon as they got on the ship, it malfunctioned, dragging them to a different planet where the creatures were waiting.

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