The Mermaid, a type of Water Spirits

Water Spirits are a race in Novia.


Water Spirits are born when a raindrop is swallowed by a young fish. The fish quickly grows into a mermaid or merman. This mermaid or merman must pass their right of passage before growing legs and being able to walk on land.


The Mer, as water spirits are usually called, are governed by a group of wise Mer who interpret omens from the Sea. They then follow up on these omens and order the other Mer concerning them. If no omens are uncovered, the Mer function as a democracy, voting on important issues.


Mer are silent and stealthy. They cannot be seen while underwater, having the power to turn invisible at will, which makes them a difficult opponent to fight. Mer that have passed their right of passage can transform into a nearly human shape or into a mermaid or merman. Mer use magic as their main offence, using wands plucked from the deepest parts of the Sea.

Unlike the Fire Spirits, Mer are usually peaceful unless severly provoked.


The Mer live in the Endless Sea. They have underwater cities were they pursue art, music, and other cultural aspects. Their biggest city is Atlia.